Water Softeners

We are an authorised agent and installer for BWT, Harvey’s Dualflo and Nuwave Water Softeners. We can also install water treatment products such as Calmag inline scale inhibitors and non-salt based water softeners such as Monarch’s Scaleout product.

Tap into soft water and experience the benefits for yourself.

  • No more limescale
  • Cleaner, brighter sinks, worktops, shower enclosures, baths, glass and crockery
  • Softer skin
  • Kettles, washing machines, dishwashers, boilers no longer scale
  • Less detergents, cleaning fluids and powders required
  • Save money as those detergents and cleaning products are used less and less
  • Plus soap that lathers easily!

For customers where space is at a premium we offer two options, for the larger home the Dualflo block salt water softener provides a compact solution at 490mm high by 212mm wide the Dualflo easily fits into one side of a double kitchen unit. Whereas for the smaller home the Nuwave NC200 series offers a compact solution being only 448mm high and 220mm wide.

Whatever your situation we can provide a solution to meet your requirements and we are more than happy to provide a free site survey and quotation.

To compliment supplying water softeners we also supply and deliver block salts. Please feel free to give us a call on 07770 832986 to discuss your water softener requirements, we ALWAYS respond to any enquiry!